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Lower Emissions, Higher Returns: The Importance of Environmental Reporting in Real Estate Investing

thumb_reitReal estate plays a pivotal role in determining public and environmental health. In the United States, commercial and residential real estate accounts for around 40% of both total electricity use and carbon emissions. More and more, investors consider these risk factors. As a result, REITs are increasingly incorporating environmental, social and governance factors into their asset analyses. What’s more, studies have shown a strong correlation between firms that report these non-financial factors and the profitability of property owners and operators.

IoT Technology Increases Municipal Waste Management Efficiency

iotThe City of Chicago accounts for nearly 70% of all waste generated in the state of Illinois, which isn’t all that surprising knowing that population density tends to be higher in cities. More people means more garbage and, as nations become more urbanized, that number will only increase. But it’s not all bad news, waste management is gaining attention from innovative companies that want to play a bigger role in the development of smart cities. They’re using the Internet of Things, a network of connected devices that communicate with each other, to help municipal collection agencies and waste management businesses increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Helping Teens Help the Environment

thumb_ymcaThere are a dozen teenagers in the room chattering excitedly. Their voices echo off the walls, adorned with the group’s goals. Be safe. Be social. Step out of your comfort zone. Take initiative. This is the Green Creation Crew. For six weeks this summer, teens from all around the city took part in this STEM program with a focus on energy and sustainability, working in teams to develop and execute environmental efficiency plans at the new YMCA Center in the West Loop.

Lobbying for Change: 200 West Madison Shows Off its Sustainability

thumb_lobbyThe interaction between a lobby and a visitor or tenant can be demonstrative of the building on whole. Is it close and dark or open and engaging? Do people rush through or do some sit and converse? Prospective tenants take note of lobbies too. And while location and amenities remain the principal factors in a site search, businesses now pay closer attention to the impact of the built environment on employee health and productivity. There are a number of ways to proclaim your building’s sustainability right when people walk in the door.

Two Tiny Houses Open for Tours in Chicago

Rose_thumbWould you like to get a look at some diminutive domiciles? Quaint quarters? Some Lilliputian lodgings? This may be your best chance, as two tiny homes will kick off a cross-country tour in Chicago.

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