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Chicago Leads the Nation Among Sustainable Rental Apartments

thumb_apartmentsInvestors, developers, architects and consumers are realizing the importance and benefits of building by standards that meet the needs of present and future generations. But how eco-friendly is the multifamily sector and what does it mean for renters?

Power to the People: Expanding Solar Capacity Through Co-Ops

thumb_solarWhat can be done to encourage more solar panel installation in Illinois? Part of the answer may be shared renewables. These projects allow multiple energy customers to pool their resources into a small—though still utility-size—renewable energy source. Each household or business then receives a share of the output, offsetting the power they pull down from the grid. When speaking specifically of solar power generation, these projects are often referred to as “community solar.”

Exhibiting Sustainability, Subtly and Overtly: Legat Architects’ New Gurnee Studio

thumb_legatOpening a new design studio requires catering to the needs of the employees while also being attractive to clientele. For Legat Architects, their new Gurnee office was also an opportunity to express the firm’s core values of design, performance and sustainability.

Iceberg! Is Your Architecture Portfolio on a Collision Course with Sustainable Design?

thumb_icebergViewing sustainability within a timeline of the last 20 years, it’s clear that the idea has spread from individual idealism to a worldwide social movement. As shapers of the built environment, architects and designers have the ability to turn this momentum into something more systematic that can be integrated into workflows and become the new norm. Many, if not most, design firms feature leading-edge sustainable buildings within their portfolio.

Timber Towers: Bringing Wooden Skyscrapers to the U.S.

thumb_timberIn cityscapes across the world, wood is slowly but surely making its way back. Architects in Australia, England and Norway have helped spark a global resurgence in wooden skyscrapers over the past few years. But while others have been quick to follow in their footsteps, American architects haven’t yet adopted this new trend.

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