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Chicago Commits to 100% Renewable Energy Among City-Owned Buildings

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has commitment to shift city-owned buildings to 100% renewable energy by 2025. If implemented, Chicago would be the country’s largest city to decarbonize the energy supply of its public buildings.

Carbon Drawdown: The Next 15 years for the Green Building Movement in Chicago

The USGBC-Illinois board of directors, reflecting on these achievements, decided it was time for a new epic challenge for the green building community, one that builds on the experience with advancing LEED in Illinois, but will help bring the benefits of sustainability to more buildings and more people who have yet to benefit from the green building revolution.

The Rookery: Evolving Standards of Architecture in Chicago

It’s tempting to assume that a landmarked building like the Rookery has been preserved in architectural amber. But Daniel Burnham and John Root’s world-renowned structure has had a series of upgrades, from Frank Lloyd Wright, William Drummond, and others. The latest changes to the building have been subtler. Like many other historic office buildings in the central business district, the Rookery has been busy for the last several years implementing sustainable strategies that will allow it to stay relevant for the next century.

Global Snapshot: Carbon Emissions Stabilize, but Action Still Needed

For the third year in a row, global carbon emissions from the energy sector were flat, according to the International Energy Agency. What’s impressive is that this plateau in emissions comes at a time of economic growth around the world, suggesting that improved energy efficiency, renewable energy production and other factors are driving a decoupling of economic activity and carbon emissions.

Enterprising Electricity: Putting Theory into Practice

Four years ago, the Illinois Institute of Technology transformed into an island. The 50+ buildings that make up the Bronzeville campus were put on a microgrid—a network of buildings, batteries and energy sources that can be detached, or “islanded,” from the power grid.

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