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Commercial Building Leaders Help Chicago to Attain Energy Goals

77wackerThe city’s Retrofit Chicago Commercial Buildings Initiative aims to reduce commercial energy use in participating buildings by 20% over the next five years. Two major commercial building operators—JLL and Urban Innovations—have together reduced energy use by nearly 3 million kilowatt hours annually, according to the Environmental Defense Fund.

The Multifamily Challenge: Sustainability and Certification

thumb_ptApproximately one in four Americans lives in a multifamily building. And of those buildings, 60% were constructed prior to 1980. When it comes to greening—and certifying—our building stock, existing, multifamily buildings offer at once great opportunities and terrific challenges.

Motorola, Mobilized

thumb_MotorolaThis is not just a workspace, it is a rebirth. Motorola Mobility has had a turbulent last few years; first being disjoined from the storied Motorola, Inc. to being purchased by Google and ultimately sold off to Lenovo. Amidst all this, the company moved its headquarters into a new, vibrant space in the Merchandise Mart.

Overall Water Usage Declines in the U.S.

thumb_waterThose of us living in the Great Lakes region might take it for granted, but water conservation is an important part of creating a secure environment. A recent U.S. Geological Survey report boasts some good news on this front for sustainability experts. Estimated water use was 13% less than five years prior and total water withdrawals are at their lowest level since before 1970.

Energy Benchmarking Begins at Your Roof

On the roof of Sähkötalo at Tampere University of TechnologyWhether it’s a new project or a retrofit, saving energy and money starts at the top. Nowhere are a building’s extremes more evident than the roof, especially last winter season. This is where heat is lost in winter and infiltrates in summer; where wind and precipitation meet the building’s top with a vengeance, challenging it physically and structurally.

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