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Chicago Third in Nation for Green Building Adoption

CBREChicago has retained its ranking among the nation’s largest metropolises on a recent survey of sustainable office space. With 63.4% of its office space certified green, Chicago came in third, behind Minneapolis and San Francisco. As Chicago is significantly larger than these two other cities combined, this market has clearly embraced green real estate practices like no other.

Supreme Court Rules Against EPA on Pollution Regulations

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency overreached with its regulation of oil- and gas-fired power plants. According to the ruling, a Clean Air Act amendment intended to check the emissions of mercury and other toxic materials didn’t take into account the financial cost of reducing those pollutants.

Please Don’t Feed the Landfills: Food Composting on a Commercial Scale

thumb_compostgraphicReducing the amount of food we send to landfills can have significant financial and environmental benefits. One method for dealing with our leftovers is composting. But can it scale up to a commercial scale where those benefits could be maximized?

Doing Growth Right: ICE Expands Its Chicago Office

thumb_iceWith growth comes the opportunity for better efficiency. Nurture a copse of trees into a forest and witness the diversity and vibrancy of life that takes up residence there. The same is true of systems designed by man as well as nature. The Intercontinental Exchange, or ICE, is only 15 years old but it has seen incredible growth.

Working Toward a Zero Carbon Future

The carbon cycle is a natural phenomenon which allows the Earth to sustain life. However, human activity and the onset of industrialization have dramatically altered this equilibrium by increasing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted and decreasing the number of natural sinks used to remove it from the atmosphere. Although countless industries are responsible for this altered state, one in particular is making headway in the race to solve this global issue.

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