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New Green Rating System Takes Aim at Power Systems

Green Power thumbWith LEED, the USGBC has enjoyed a virtual monopoly on green building ratings. Since the organization’s formation in 1993, our collective understanding of what makes a building truly green has become more refined. The USGBC hopes to have the same effect on how we generate and distribute electricity. Today, the Green Business Certification Inc. officially launched Performance Excellence in Electricity Renewal, or PEER. The rating system is designed to measure, and hopefully improve, sustainable power system performance.

The Right Window Means a New Lease on Life … and New Leases

The elder sibling of Prudential Plaza turns 60 this year. As a birthday gift, it’s getting a $100 million upgrade which includes new mechanical systems, a 10,000 square foot outdoor deck and other improvements. The most extensive change, however, is hidden in plain sight: the replacement of every window in the building’s façade.

Waste Management’s Dirty Little Secret

The hauling and handling of garbage is a job that few of us really want to think about. But we should, because the industry has a huge potential to increase landfill diversion, resource conservation, material reuse and, perhaps most importantly, jobs. In the Chicago metropolitan region, that potential is particularly large.

Sculpting a Green Office

20 North Michigan is one of the oldest buildings in the Michigan Avenue streetwall, a twelve-block historic district that overlooks Grant and Millennium Parks. It earned a LEED Gold certification in 2009, and recertified last November at Platinum, making it the oldest building in the Midwest to hit Platinum and one of the oldest in the country.

President Obama Calls for Reduction in Carbon Emissions

The Federal Government will one day have a much smaller carbon footprint. President Obama recently announced an executive order to slash the government’s greenhouse gas emissions by 40% from 2008 levels over the next decade. The White House claims that taxpayers will save nearly $18 billion in energy costs. That figure includes carbon limits put in place since 2008.

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