Index Publishing to Create New ‘Green Layer’

As more and more construction projects seek to become green across Chicago, Index Publishing is working to present these projects to our current and future GIS subscribers on its GIS map.

Index Publishing currently hosts a GIS map that shows different types of data for Chicago, such as zoning district maps that are used by various professionals in different industries. Index Publishing is developing a “Green Layer” that will feature LEED certified buildings, buildings with green roofs and other information about the area’s sustainable buildings.

The number of LEED certified buildings in Chicago continues to grow as new projects across the city attempt to achieve LEED certification from the USGBC. As more tenants clamor for green space, building managers, realtors and other professionals will need to know where Chicago’s green spaces are.

The LEED certified buildings in Chicago vary in type, size and certification levels. Index Publishing will spatially demonstrate the different locations of these LEED certified buildings across the Chicago landscape. The LEED buildings that will be featured in the “Green Layer” are based off of information from the USGBC, the organization that created and implements the certification procedure for buildings seeking LEED certification.

The LEED buildings will be shown in a data point format that will be overlaid onto the current existing GIS map. The layer will feature the latest interactive tools that can be used with GIS. Users will be able to view each LEED certified building as a point on the map. The user can then get information on each one of these data points that will give the information on each building. This information includes the name of the organization or business that developed the building, pictures, links, certification level and many other characteristics of each building.

This “Green Layer” will also include buildings that have green roofs and other buildings that have sustainable features. The “Green Layer” will be available to current subscribers of Index Publishing’s GIS map. This layer will overlap and interact with the other layers that are currently offered, including zoning, transportation infrastructure, orthophotography and others. The Green Layer will be fully interactive.

Index Publishing’s first phase of the “Green Layer” will be available in Fall 2009 and will include the LEED certified buildings. The additions of green roofs and other information will be available in the coming months.
For more information on the “Green Layer,” the GIS map or any of Index Publishing’s other products and services, please let us know.


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