ComEd Increases Financial Aid to High Performance Buildings

Commonwealth Edison has announced that it will increase the maximum funding amount of financial incentives for new construction or major renovation projects in its service territory to $150,000—a $50,000 increase since the program’s inception in June of 2009.

ComEd’s program combines financial incentives and technical assistance to encourage building owners, architects, engineers and contractors to design high performance buildings and exceed standard building practices. The service, which follows the IECC 2009 state code as its baseline, is designed for industrial facilities, offices, schools, universities, hospitals, restaurants, retail and nonprofit organizations. Residential and municipal projects are not eligible.

The Smart Ideas New Construction service offers financial incentives of up to $150,000 per project, as well as design incentives for eligible projects in the Comprehensive Track. The program also offers free technical assistance to identify ways to save energy and lower operating expenses, which can increase property value while reducing the building’s environmental impact.

The service features three approaches to allow participation by customers in various stages of design and with various design features. Large buildings early in the design process can take advantage of whole building energy modeling and incentives while midsize buildings and renovations with limited opportunities can participate in the streamlined Systems Track for lighting and HVAC components. There are also incentives available for small building owners looking to integrate lighting and daylighting designs that reduce the amount of energy consumed.

For more information, visit ComEd’s website. For questions or to discuss a specific project you are working on, call the ComEd Smart Ideas New Construction team at 888-806-2273 or e-mail

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One Response to “ComEd Increases Financial Aid to High Performance Buildings”
  1. The other Comed Smart Ideas program for commercial renovations can offer a maximum of $200,000 for simple prescriptive changes and another $200,000 for custom changes. This is for the existing building stock and it will last until May 31, 2011.

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