Chicago Premiere of “Carbon Nation” Documentary

“Carbon Nation,” a documentary film about climate change solutions, will make it’s Chicago premiere on August 10 in Millennium Park. The film had it’s first viewing at the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital last March.

“Carbon Nation” is an optimistic look at not only what needs to be done to undo the damage of climate change, but what is already being done. The film was directed by Peter Byck, whose first documentary, “Garbage” won the South by Southwest Festival, and produced by Craig Sieben of Sieben Energy Associates and Karen Weigert, a Senior Vice President of ShoreBank. They emphasize the film’s optimistic message of carbon reduction solutions, ignoring climate change deniers and directly addressing ways to curb it.

The ninety-minute documentary interviews and follows dozens of individuals dedicated to reversing the effects of climate change, such as New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, Virgin Atlantic’s Richard Branson, Peter H. Diamandis of the X Prize Foundation and representative of the Environmental Protection Agency, Tesla Motors, Architecture 2030, the Rocky Mountain Institute, Exelon and many others.

The August 10 screening begins at 8:30 in the Pritzker Pavillion and is free to the public. The film’s director, producers, narrator Bill Kurtis and several stars will be on hand. Visit for more information.

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