Local USGBC Design Competition Winners Announced

The Illinois Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) on Wednesday night announced the local winners of the 2010 Natural Talent Design Competition in the Haworth showroom at the Merchandise Mart. Nineteen designs were submitted to the local chapter in one of two categories: student or emerging professional. The winning entries in each category received a pass to this year’s Greenbuild expo and their designs will advance to the next level in the national charrette.

This year, in a partnership between USGBC and The Salvation Army’s EnviRenew Initiative, this national design competition challenged entrants to design homes for the Broadmoor neighborhood in New Orleans that demonstrate both short-term and long-term affordability, a high quality of life for their residents, and replicable strategies that contribute to our understanding of how to build affordably, efficiently and with minimal impact on the environment. The panel of judges included Sachin Anand from dbHMS, Laureen Blissard of LTLB Development, Peter Landon of Landon Bone Baker Architects, Chris McDonough from Gettys and William Seeger of Ecohabitat, LLC. The first place student and emerging professional designs will advance to compete at the national level where four designs will be selected by a national jury of industry peers and Broadmoor residents.

USGBC-Illinois Executive Director Doug Widener, Jacob Schoenung and USGBC-Illinois Board Chairman, George Tuhowski III.

The first place entry in the student category went to Jacob Schoenung, a student at Milwaukee Area Technical College. His approach was to create a home that could be reproduced and fit in well with the surrounding community. The 869 SF design includes craftsman architectural elements and user friendly outdoor spaces, which integrate geothermal vertical wells and environmentally friendly materials.
The design includes ADA accessible spaces, specifically for a wheelchair-bound resident. Given the limited budget and task of designing a LEED platinum worthy home, the project was limited to some technologies that couldn’t be included, such as solar panels. Transoms above every door and window provided a cheap way to ventilate the home.

USGBC-Illinois Board Chairman, George Tuhowski III, Sean Moran, Yuriy Chernets, Jake Patton and USGBC-Illinois Executive Director Doug Widener. (Not pictured: Eric Wittmer.)

The team Resilient Broadmoor, composed of an architect, contractor, engineer and landscape architect, took local honors in the emerging professional category. Team members Yuriy Chernets, Sean Moran, Jake Patton and Eric Wittmer designed a green home that would be durable, efficient, healthy and specifically intended for the resilient and admirable elderly residents of the Broadmoor neighborhood in New Orleans.
The home was designed to be a place where residents can live in a low-maintenance and comfortable environment that provides safety and security and saves money all year round. Homeowners could live, work, garden and relax in a home that demonstrates hurricane resistance, innovative technology and sustainable techniques.
The indoor and outdoor living spaces allow residents and guests to take advantage of the sun, the wind and the rain in resourceful ways. The landscape is designed with beautiful native plants and a self sustaining compost heap that will provide a food garden for residents.

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