Lollapalooza to Feature Energy Playground

If you are one of the quarter-million people expected to attend Lollapalooza this weekend, the three-day festival will feature more than just music acts. This year, fans will have a chance to engage with the Prius Playground, an energy-generating activity center on the concert grounds.

The Prius Playground—an educational area created by a partnership of Toyota and non-profit Global Inheritance—is designed to teach and inspire people to think creatively about solving global issues such as energy production and storage. At the playground, festival-goers get to literally generate their own energy by pedaling or see-sawing for three minutes.

The intention is to inform them about making small changes and choices that can make a large impact, but the exercisers do receive another reward: each participant will earn a snow cone created using the very energy that they generated. Participants will also ensure that the micro-power plant stays off the grid.

Music fans will be encouraged to hop on one of the many energy producing “Tour de Energy Bikes” or the “Energy Seesaw” in the playground. The power they generate is used to power a micro-utility and stored in an energy well. The exhibit will also display real-time energy production and consumption at the playground.

The playground will be up and running inside the twentieth anniversary Lollapalooza all day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Afterwards, The Prius Playground will travel around the country to other events in San Francisco, Seattle and elsewhere around the country. Toyota is the Japanese manufacturer of the game-changing hybrid Prius, over 140,000 of which were sold last year in the U.S. Global Inheritance is a Los Angeles-based, non-profit organization working to reinvent activism for today’s young generation.

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