Chicago’s First LEED-Gold Certified Dental Office Opens in Wicker Park

There’s now one less reason to fear going to the dentist: the air you breath will be free of VOCs. ORA Dental Studio, which promotes “Ecofriendly Dentistry,” is now also Chicago’s first dental office to be certified for green building. The company’s new Wicker Park office on Division was recently awarded LEED Gold certification by the USGBC for its eco-friendly and high-performance design, construction and operation.

The Wicker Park studio was designed by Chicago’s 2Point Perspective, the force behind the new LEED Platinum Testa Produce Distribution Center. The space features motion-activated lighting and all fixtures feature either LED or CFL bulbs. Energy Star appliances and low-flow plumbing also help in the water-intensive office.

Doors were constructed using recycled resin and low-VOC paint and flooring aid the indoor air quality. By using reclaimed cabinets, they were able to forego new materials. A high-efficiency mechanical system worked more efficiently than originally envisioned. This enabled ORA to surpass the LEED Silver rating that had been designed for and achieve LEED Gold.

“We’re all about providing a unique, comfortable experience for our patients,” said Reggie Thurston, DDS, owner of ORA Dental Studio Wicker Park. “And that’s what green design does. This is something you can’t experience anywhere else in Chicago and is available few other places in the nation.”

Many aspects of a modern dental facility come with the benefit of better efficiency and the promotion of health. The use of digital photography, for example, eliminates petrochemical waste and the need for lead aprons and fittings. Dry dental vacuums reduce water use and steam sterilizers, cut chemical use and improving air quality.

ORA Dental Studio currently has three other locations in the West Loop, South Loop and Gold Coast.

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