Introducing Our New Green Map

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new interactive green map, which identifies all LEED-certified and other sustainable buildings within Chicago. Users can access information on green buildings in the city, including the name of the organization or business that developed the property, pictures, links, certification level and many other characteristics.

In addition to the LEED buildings, this layer also hosts Chicago’s largest comprehensive database of green roofs, identifying where the structure is, the type of green roof system and the size of the green roof.

The green map also overlaps and interacts with the other information that you know and trust from Index Publishing, including zoning, transportation infrastructure, orthophotography and more. For more detailed information, check out our user guide.

Like Sustainable Chicago magazine, this green map is brought to you completely free. For more information about the green map, the Chicago Zoning map or any of Index Publishing’s other products and services, please contact us at or call 312-644-7800.

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