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Here are Three of the Unique Houses You Can See on This Year’s GreenBuilt Home Tour

Posted By Matt Baker On July 12, 2016 @ 7:29 am | No Comments

Demonstrating the present and future of sustainable residential design, the lineup of houses has been announced for the fourth annual Chicagoland GreenBuilt Home Tour [1]. Hosted by USGBC-Illinois [2], the GreenBuilt Home Tour provides unique contact with sustainable residences and the teams that brought them to fruition.

“The tour provides one-time public access to both completed and in-progress homes, each one designed and constructed to demonstrate a number of green-building approaches across varying architectural styles and settings,” said Brian Imus, Executive Director of the USGBC-Illinois.

Slated for July 23 and 24, the tour will feature 13 homes throughout the Chicago region, many of which address the trend of aging in place. All of the homes are certified by—or pursuing verification from—one or more third party organizations and programs including LEED for Homes [3], Zero Energy Ready Home [4], Passive House [5], ENERGY STAR for Homes [6], GreenStar [7], Home Energy Rating System (HERS) [8], the Living Building Challenge [9], NAHB National Green Building Standard [10], ecoSelect [11] and the Water Efficiency Rating Score [12].

Among this year’s featured homes is the Charles Heppner Artist Studio at 8628 S. Marquette Avenue in Chicago. Deconstructed, designed and rebuilt by the property owner’s brother, Timothy Heppner and his firm, Ecotelligent Design, the Heppner Studio and Residence was constructed on the principle of improving the air, water, land and community surrounding the property. The house has a HERS rating of 16, meaning it is designed to be 84% more efficient than a standard new home.

The award-winning landscaping conceals a number of sustainable attributes, such as a vegetated roof, rain barrels, seepage catchments, bioswales, rain gardens and a wetland reservoir. The property also mediates 100% of on-site stormwater. In addition, the site—which is designed to generate more energy than it uses—features passive solar management via a steel umbrella roof, solar thermal panels and optimized window orientation and sizing.

In Highland Park, the Zoetic 500 house at 2017 Skyelar Court uses an insulated, structural steel wall system designed to resist the effects of fire, wind, mold and insects. In addition to costing up to 30% less due to less construction waste and labor, the wall system also contains no VOCs and is completely recyclable. The tight construction and insulation means that the house will require about half of the HVAC demand of a traditional home.

The house, pending both HERS and ENERGY STAR for Homes ratings, features VOC-absorbing drywall, and fresh air ventilation via ERV. The versatile floor plan also allows the homeowner to easily change the use of many rooms, depending on lifestyle needs and to allow aging in place. LED lighting, automated controls, a “Home Healh” dashboard monitoring system and other features mean that the structure will work for the homeowner.

Another house on the tour is Flexhouse, at 33160 N. Cove Road in Wildwood. Triple pane windows and a mix of insulation types help the house achieve excellent thermal performance. One unorthodox feature is a trombe wall—a large interior wall made of phase-change material and faced in metal panels that takes in heat through the south-facing windows and radiates it through the home during the winter. Overhangs on the exterior shade the windows during the summer to keep warmth out.

A heat recovery system exchanges heat between fresh and vented air and recovers heat from washrooms after baths and showers. A passive geothermal system and hardwood floors sourced on-site also add to the home’s sustainability. Designed by Grayslake-based Welch Design [22], the house has been HERS rated and is pending LEED Gold certification.

Last year’s tour was the largest to date, with over 2,000 visits to the area’s green homes. This year, Illinois residents will again have an opportunity to see the latest clean energy technology in the field, discover how they can renovate or build their own green home and meet with experienced professionals in the residential green building field.

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