Sustainable Chicago is Powering Down

The vegetated roof on top of City Hall was already old news when Sustainable Chicago wrote about it for our inaugural issue in the summer of 2008. But we were a new media outlet at the time, focusing on green building efforts in the Chicago market, and there was a lot of ground to make up.

Would there be enough news to write about in this sector? It was a genuine concern at first, what with our niched focus; really a niche wrapped in a recess inside an alcove—sustainability, in the Chicago region, within the architecture and design community.

And yet, we were never at a loss for content. Chicago is a fantastic city in the abstract, but it has few rivals when it comes to architecture. And over the last fifteen years or so, it has helped carry the torch of progressive environmentalism. From city government to non-profit organizations to commercial interests to grass roots community networks, the people of Chicago have shown their dedication to making the built environment more efficient and less deleterious to the planet.

We’ve chronicled the past and reported the contemporary on this site. And while there are plenty of great stories yet to be told, someone else is going to have to tell them. We launched when green building was an anomaly and now it is the norm. There are going to be a lot of exciting developments.

Thank you for your readership. Thank you for your passion for this city. And thank you for your commitment to the environment.


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