age. External heat exchangers maximize
the thermal water heating system’s effi-
In addition to the on-site solar energy
generation, Goode Academy is home to
the Chicago Public School district’s only
ground-source heat pump system, which
maximizes air-handling efficiency using
boreholes dug 450 feet deep. Out-
side air is ducted to the geothermal sys-
tem and energy recovery ventilation, in
this case an enthalpy wheel design, en-
sures that very little heat is lost in the ex-
change. Custom ground-source heat
pumps also service the gymnasium and
dehumidify the pool deck.
Circulating pumps and three-way con-
denser valves on each packaged heat
pump allow for optimal control of con-
denser water. This design cut costs in-
volved with pipe installation and further
saves money by minimizing pump energy
needs. “Designed specifically for this proj-
ect, the condenser water piping arrange-
ment is now offered as a standard
accessory by the heat pump manufac-
turer,” STR Partners said in a statement.
The geothermal system cut costs and
energy use in other ways too. Building
height, and therefore materials, was re-
duced by the smaller ductwork and ab-