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like the Rookery to capture, track and report on
building- and portfolio-wide sustainability data.
The Rookery was certified LEED Gold in 2014,
but is currently in the midst of a recertification
process. “SeaSuite is an ongoing measure that al-
lows us to provide data for things like water usage
and energy consumption,
which will then be used in
the verification process for
our LEED certification,” said
Freeman, who hopes that the
Rookery can attain LEED
Platinum. “I see it as achiev-
able with the right imple-
“A lot of the time, work-
ing with tenants can be a dif-
ficult part of getting LEED
certification, but the John
Buck Company implemented
all the measures in a timely manner,” said Schubert.
Since taking over management duties at the Rook-
ery in 2009, the John Buck Company have spear-
headed a number of sustainable actions, such as
tenant surveys, electronics recycling, more efficient
restroom fixtures, a bike room and lighting up-
grades. “The John Buck Company really ushered
through this process, with support of the ownership,
to really embrace Goby’s technology and consulting
service to make the project happen,” Schubert said.
“But the LEED certification is certainly not the
only certification we work on,” Schubert said.
“We’ve been tracking the
Rookery’s Energy Star rating
for years. With a lot of the
work that they did prior to
engaging on the LEED proj-
ect, they raised their score by
20 points. It’s a phenomenal
Able Engineering has its
own controlled set of rou-
tines. Their operational
measures schedule a variety
of tasks, from payroll proce-
dures to verifying infrared
testing. “Everything is detailed to make it easy for
us to focus on things that provide gains for the build-
ing,” Freeman said.
The Rookery’s engineering crew set up a pro-
gram to disable baseboard heat based on ambient
temperature and occupancy, calibrated as part of
“Everything is detailed
to make it easy for
us to focus on things
that provide gains
for the building.”
John Joh
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