Sustainable Chicago, Spring 2017 - page 7

preventative maintenance. This measure alone al-
lows the Rookery to capture savings approaching
those of the air cooling overhaul. “The electric heat
in a building can be difficult to achieve substantial
savings,” said Freeman. “But we are able to save
quite a bit, just using elbow grease and consistent
Looking forward, the building will continue to
implement new measures, such as planned up-
grades to the pneumatic system and compressors.
“Your sustainable measures don’t just stop when
you get your LEED certification,” Schubert said. “It’s
three years later, and the building has had a process
of continuous improvement. That speaks well to the
John Buck Company and the ownership’s commit-
ment to embrace sustainability and utilize Able En-
gineering’s tools and Goby’s technology to get to
where they need to be.”
Rob Pongsajapan
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