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Performance-Based Procurement: Infusing Your Design-Build Contract with Energy Requirements

June 22, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

By Matt Baker

Innovation is a crucial part of the green building movement. Year after year, renewables come down in price, mechanical systems become more efficient and the stock of sustainably sourced materials grows more diverse. Without these technological advancements, the share of the construction sector devoted to sustainability would likely equal that of yak skin yurts.

So, what if you apply that innovative thinking to other aspects of the design-build environment? That’s the idea behind a new trend: performance-based procurement. First developed by the Colorado-based National Renewable Energy Laboratory, performance-based procurement is an approach that sets into motion higher energy efficiency in a building before a shovel ever meets dirt.
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Unlocking the Value of an Energy-Efficient Home

September 26, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

soldBy Melissa Ulbricht

More than 40% of total U.S. energy consumption comes from the buildings sector, which includes single and multifamily residences and commercial buildings. This is more than any other sector, such as industry and transportation. Here in Chicago, energy use in buildings is nearly 70% of total energy consumption. Older housing stock combined with extreme weather conditions—from long, cold winters to shorter, hot summers—makes homes in this region very energy intensive.
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